Habit Masters

Habit Masters

Hosted by: Jeff Corrigan & Sheldon Mills

All lasting success depends on good habits. This podcast is designed to help you learn and master the fundamentals of habit building so you can live your best life now. We've spent the past 15 years researching and...


#92: Shine Your Light - Living Past, Present and Future

Season #3 Episode #92

 Marianne Williamson writes in her book A Return To Love that "it is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us". In this episode we explore the power of shining your light.  In Charles Dickens' classic A...
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#91: Want to keep promises to yourself? Do this.

Season #3 Episode #91

You've set up that action plan with your action triggers – the who, what, when and where, now you need an Action Catalyst to build momentum? Give your future-self a gift by pre-deciding.   Action Catalyst is one of...
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#90: How to Create Shortcuts to Your Dreams

Season #3 Episode #90

What if you could drive instead of walk? What if you could fly instead of drive? What if you could teleport instead of fly?When it comes to your dreams, you don't need to wait. There is a better way to get there. In...
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#89: Commitment Unlocks Your Future - The Real Meaning Of 'YOLO'

Season #3 Episode #89

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE...so commit and make the most of it.Contrary to popular belief, the phrase YOLO is not meant to justify spontaneous, selfish action.  It was intended as a call to be courageous in pursuit of your...
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#88: Your Dreams Can't Wait with Special Guest Richie Norton (Part 2)

Season #3 Episode #88

Rescue your dreams from someday!In part two of our conversation with Richie Norton, we dive into the application of Anti-time Management and Time Tipping. Listen to discover how you can rescue  your dreams from the...
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#87: Your Dreams Can't Wait with Special Guest Richie Norton (Part 1)

Season #3 Episode #87

Would you bake a cake without sugar? Would you build the moat before the castle?That's what it's like when put time with the people we love and our dreams at the end of the timeline. In this amazing conversation with...
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#86: The Simple Way To End Your Pain - Getting Off The Nail of Regret

Season #3 Episode #86

If you sat on a nail, you probably wouldn't stay there. And yet, you can be sure you are enduring unnecessary pain every day...No doubt there are a lot of things you want—dreams, goals, skills you want to learn, more...
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#85: Upper & Lower Limits - Make Habit Building Easier with The Law of Momentum

Season #3 Episode #85

Have you ever attempted to form the same habit multiple times only to fail again and again? Yeah, us too! Until we discovered this simple tool.In this episode we explore the power of upper and lower limits applied to...
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#84: Who's Leaves Are These? - Emotional Boundaries for Better Relationships with Special Guest Lisa Bishop, LMFT

Season #3 Episode #84

Do you expect others to rake up your leaves? Do you feel a responsibility to rake up the leaves of others? What would happen if each of us took responsibility for our own yard?We had an amazing conversation with Lisa...
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#83: You Are The Gardener – Leveraging The Law of The Habit to Change Your Life

Season #3 Episode #83

Watering with no seeds, only grows weeds.When you plant a garden, you usually know which seeds you're going to grow. The same principle applies to your life. If you want to change your life, it's time to plant the...
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#82: Taking Control of Your Life - How to Create Instead of React

Season #3 Episode #82

Do you ever feel like someone else has control of your life?  You would be amazed at how easy it can be to start taking back control of your life. Little by little, day by day until you end up spending most of your...
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#81: Action Triggers - How to Keep Commitments to Yourself

Season #3 Episode #81

What's one appointment you would never miss? Why?These questions unlock the secret to making and keeping commitments to yourself. Mastering a tool called Action Triggers, you can make appointments with your future...
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