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Feb. 27 | Magic Monday - Permission to Succeed: The Gatekeeper is Dead

Oct 23 | Magic Monday - Turn Problems Into Progress

Oct 10 | Magic Monday - Building a Lasting Legacy: No Matter Who You Are or Where You're From

Sep 25 | Magic Monday -Achieving Your Goals: A Roadmap to Success

Sep 18 | Magic Monday - Expectations Determine Outcome

Sep 11 | Magic Monday - Live With No Contracts: The Path to Greater Happiness and Impact

Sep 4 | Magic Monday -  Your Psoas is Tight!

Aug 21 | Magic Monday - Loops are Keeping You Stuck: 15 Ways to Unlock Progress

Aug 14 | Magic Monday - The Problem Paradox: Is the problem really the problem?

Aug 7 | Magic Monday - The two roads of identity crisis: the power of intention?

Aug 1 | Magic Monday - Why a bad apology is worse than no apology and how to give a great one!

Jul 17 | Magic Monday - Fiction vs. Reality : You see the world not as it is, but as you are

Jul 3 | Magic Monday - Who makes the rules? Knowing when to bend the rules

Jun 26 | Magic Monday - You can't win by running away : The power of a 10X approach

Jun 19 | Magic Monday -The upside of falling down : Why falling down isn't the end of the world

May 29 | Magic Monday - Answering the call : You've been called. Will you choose to answer?

May 8 | Magic Monday - The tip of the iceberg : How to get to the root of things

May 1 | Magic Monday - Create your life instead of react : Create progress by starting at zero

Apr 24 | Magic Monday - The Stories We Tell Ourselves : True or false? That is The Question

Apr 17 | Magic Monday - Face fears, play the game, invisible ink : To win the game, you must play the game

Apr 3 | Magic Monday - Survival > Growth > Contribution - The path to freedom Part 2 : Becoming the Hero

Mar 27 | Magic Monday - Survival > Growth > Contribution - The path to freedom Part 1 : Own your Life

Mar 13 | Magic Monday - The power of being uncomfortable : You may have a hard time with this email ūüėČ

Mar 6 | Magic Monday - It all starts with gratitude : Gratitude is the launchpad for all growth and success

Feb 27 | Magic Monday - Efficient vs. Effective : Being efficient is not the same as being effective

Feb 20 | Magic Monday - Solve problems like a pro : Solve any problem with this amazing new habit