Habit Masters

Habit Masters

Hosted by: Jeff Corrigan & Sheldon Mills

All lasting success depends on good habits. This podcast is designed to help you learn and master the fundamentals of habit building so you can live your best life now. We've spent the past 15 years researching and...


#70: Part 2 - How to Build a Thriving Marriage with Special Guest Kevin Theriot, PhD

Season #2 Episode #70

IS MY MARRIAGE OKAY?All relationships take work, and sometimes it can be hard to know where we can best apply our efforts.Listen in as marriage counselor Kevin Theriot PhD joins us again to discuss the best ways to...
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#69: How to Build Confidence by Doing Hard Things with Special Guest Joanne Olson

Season #2 Episode #69

You'll never accomplish anything...until you stick with something.Our guest for this episode, Joanne Olson, is an extremely driven mother, entrepreneur, runner, and coach. Follow along as we discuss how to use goals...
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#68: To Be Or Not To Be? The Future of Idea Gym

Season #2 Episode #68

Whenever we want to achieve something...it's easy to do something for a day or a week, but making it part of who we are is HARD.Join us in today's episode as we talk about the future of Idea Gym -- a new focus on...
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#67: How to Develop Your Financial Legacy through Holistic Wealth Management with Special Guest Rob Cook

Season #2 Episode #67

"IF YOU WANT IT...You can have it, you just have to be willing to do the work."Our special guest for this episode is Rob Cook, an accomplished financial advisor and host of the podcast Contenders Wanted.Listen in as...
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#66: The 12 Step Life Plan with Special Guest Maria Ellis

Season #2 Episode #66

So you want to make a plan...Where do you start?Join us in our newest episode as we talk with author and financial advisor, Maria Ellis,  about 12 different areas to focus on when forming a life plan and a financial...
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#65: It's Not Crap It's Fertilizer—See Your Past with New Perspective with Special Guest Ben Killoy

Season #2 Episode #65

IT'S NOT CRAP...it's fertilizer.In this episode, we are joined by Ben Killoy who is a Marine veteran, father, podcaster, and dad-coach, to discuss effective parenting and fatherhood, as well as how to let tough...
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#64: How to Turn Purpose Into Impact With Special Guest Alex Brueckmann

Season #2 Episode #64

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE... between purpose and impact?In this episode, we speak with entrepreneur, author, and  business strategist, Alex Brueckmann, about developing a personal vision, understanding what strategy is...
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#63: Teaching Kids To Love Learning With Special Guest Kristy Houle

Season #2 Episode #63

DO YOUR KIDS LOVE TO LEARN?At times it might seem like they don't, but more often than not, the obstacle is the style or presentation of the learning material and not the material itself.Kristy Houle is a life-long...
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#62: How to Build a Thriving Marriage with Special Guest Kevin Theriot PhD

Season #2 Episode #62

SUCCESS IN MARRIAGE...is one of the hardest things to achieve in life, but also one of the most rewarding.Our guest today, Kevin Theriot, is a therapist and counselor with over 40 years of experience to share.Join us...
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#61: How to Build Hope When Life Feels Hopeless With Special Guest Tamara Anderson

Season #2 Episode #61

DO YOU EVER FEEL HOPELESS?...or maybe you feel tired or alone?These are normal feelings that everyone experiences, but they don't have to keep us down!Join us as we talk with Tamara Anderson, author and host of the...
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#60: What If It Could Be Easy? The Shortcut to Solving Any Problem

Season #2 Episode #60

DO YOU EVER ASK YOURSELF..."What if it could be easy?"We constantly deal with problems of all shapes and sizes, and sometimes we get so focused on solving a problem that we lose track of the bigger picture.In this...
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#59: Finding Your Overlap of Passion and Opportunity with Special Guest Jake Parker

Season #2 Episode #59

PASSION IS POWERLESS...   without opportunity.One of the fundamental keys to success is to find the zone where your passion meets your opportunity. Join us as we learn with accomplished artist, author, and teacher...
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