Habit Masters

Habit Masters

Hosted by: Jeff Corrigan & Sheldon Mills

All lasting success depends on good habits. This podcast is designed to help you learn and master the fundamentals of habit building so you can live your best life now. We've spent the past 15 years researching and...


#106: Dr. Benjamin Hardy: 10X is Easier Than 2X - The Best Way to Level Up You Life

Season #4 Episode #106

What if reaching seemingly impossible goals was actually easier than reaching practical goals? Good news, it is!In this conversation with our friend and mentor Dr. Benjamin Hardy Phd, we dig into his new book 10X is...
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#105: Writing a Better Life Story: Driven by Your Future Instead of Your Past

Season #4 Episode #105

How would you like to drive with a rearview mirror almost as big as your windshield?  it would be nearly impossible . And yet that's how we live our lives. We're focused so much on the past, we barely pay attention to...
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#104: Unlock the Power of Your Story in Three Simple Steps with Mark Leruste

Season #4 Episode #104

Do you have a story to tell but feel like it's too ordinary or boring?  Think again! Join us as we chat with best-selling author Mark Leruste, who wrote the book "Glow In The Dark" to help people share their stories...
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#103: The First Step To Create Habits That Last

Season #4 Episode #103

Why is it hard to make some habits and easy to make others? In our 7 Day Habit Mastery course we dive into the fundamentals of habit building and give you all the tools you need to master the art of habit building. In...
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#102: Escape The Gap Trap: How Focusing on Progress, Not Perfection is The Key to Achieving Your Goals

Season #4 Episode #102

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you accomplish in a day, it's never enough? This episode is for you.What if always striving for more was actually holding you back?In today's episode, we explore a powerful...
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#101: Worth The Fight: The Path to Your Best Life

Season #4 Episode #101

What do you want that's worth failing? What's worth looking stupid? What do you care enough to die for?In this episode we explore the fear that's holding us back from living our best life. What dream or goal is worth...
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#100: How to Live an Extraordinary Life - The PEP Method

Season #4 Episode #100

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Like your living life on autopilot, going through the motions day after day? What if you could turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? What if you could turn everyday moments into lasting...
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#99: One Skill to Help You Solve Any Problem with Jeremy Utley

Season #4 Episode #99

What if every time you had a problem instead of feeling anxious, you felt excited? That's how I feel now whenever I face a new problem. Listen to this episode and you will, too!  In this amazing conversation with...
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#98: The Power of Purpose: How to Refocus in an ADD World

Season #4 Episode #98

We all like to blame our busy lives as the reason we fail to live our dreams, but there is another obstacle that is far worse: distraction.In this episode we'll give you an amazingly simple tool for minimizing...
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#97: How to Transform Worry Into a Superpower

Season #4 Episode #97

Do you find yourself worrying about everything? Do you often dream up the worst case scenario when faced with a challenge? We you might just have a superpower in disguise!In this episode we explore the ideas of...
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#96: SMART Goals Are Dumb - Embrace The Power of 10X Thinking

Season #4 Episode #96

Are SMART goals really that smart? In this episode of Habit Masters, we challenge the conventional wisdom of setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Instead, we propose the...
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#95: How to Cultivate The Life of Your Dreams: Be The Gardener

Season #4 Episode #95

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your current life?  The good news is that you have the power to change your future. In this episode we explore your life as a garden and teach you the three essential steps to taking...
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