#22: How to Take Back Your Brain Health Holistically - Dr. John Hatch

Season #1 Episode #22

Today’s interview with Dr. John Hatch from the Brain Rehab Clinic is all about brain health! 

From Autoimmune to Dementia & Addiction to Depression, Dr. Hatch shares how powerful our brains can be in both damaging and repairing every aspect of our physical and emotional health.

Here a few ideas/topics covered in this podcast: 

  • Things the fire together, wire together. And things that fire apart wire apart.
  • The differences of Anxiety Vs Depression in the brain and ways to start building healthier, more positive neurological pathways. 
  • Neurogenesis (growing new neurons in the brain) never stops. You can always teach an old dog new tricks.
  • How movement and Gratitude exercises work better than any depression medicine out there. (**Once their brain is working correctly again**) Dr. Hatch- "Yes there is an antidote to both Anxiety and Depression."
  • "People are emotional eaters. Food gives you a dopamine hit. So they’re wiring this negative thing to this sugar, the dopamine hit, together. You should get to a happy state first. That’s why 'Hangry' even exists! And why we’ve wired it into our brain and it persists."  
  • "People don’t realize that your environment and what you’re wiring together DOES make a difference. They just assume it’s only in their head."
  • What do you tell yourself when you’re doing the things you love?
  • The Human Brain has the ability to always feel joy. 
  • Dr. Hatch gives his thoughts on the Cold Shower Challenge!
  • “In your mind you get to create what you want to feel.”


Here is a link to Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s website - (Both Jeff and Dr. Hatch refer several times to Dr. Datis)

Links to some Cross-Crawl exercises that Dr. Hatch recommends.

Side note- Jeff is the vice president of Wilson Diamonds so when we interviewed Dr. Hatch via Zoom, he kept referencing all the pictures of wedding rings on the wall behind Jeff. 


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